Using Gas Safely Natural Gas Safety-SMART! Home

Heater Safety

  • Keep papers and toys away from the furnace and water heater. Don't store gasoline, paint thinner, or aerosol cans near them either, as the vapors could be ignited by pilot lights or appliance flames.
  • Remind adults to have regular inspections. Remind the adults in your home to have your furnace, vents, and chimney inspected every year or two by a qualified service person. Blockages or cracks can make it hard for heating equipment to work properly or can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide buildup.
  • Use space heaters safely. If you use a vented gas space heater, make sure that it is properly vented to the outside. If you use a vent-free heater, make sure it has a switch that shuts off the heater if indoor oxygen levels get too low. Keep space heaters away from any flammable objects like papers, draperies, etc.